Remix Contest – Frostbite


Oh snap. It’s another remix contest! This time, you’ll be remixing my song Frostbite from my Eye of the Storm album, released back in 2011. However, not only will you be getting the material from that original song, but you’ll also get to use material from my brand-new self-remix of Frostbite. Hopefully, this leads to a lot of variety in terms of what you can do with the song.

Here are the songs in question:

Last contest I had, PrototypeRaptor took home the gold prize, and has since gone on to charting on Beatport, becoming the top track on the Hype Machine a couple times, and remixing big name artists like Lucky Date and Camo and Krooked, as well as being signed to a major label or two! If this is the caliber of contestant I get this time, I expect some seriously killer remixes. Bring your A-game, because I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!



Here’s the deal. I’m a poor college student by day, and this means that I’ve got very little money with which to purchase prizes. However, I pledge that every single bit of money I make off of sales from my albums on Bandcamp¬†between now and the contest deadline will be put toward this cause. Additionally, for every 5 extra likes I receive in that same time fram on my Facebook page, I’ll add an extra dollar’s worth of material (starting at 317 likes, and up to $150 worth of extra money). Stay tuned to this space for more details as they come!

UPDATE on March 15, 2012: The gracious folks over at have agreed to donate a Pro account and a Lite account (one year each) to the winner and runner-up, respectively. Thanks, Soundcloud!

UPDATE on April 22, 2012: I’m stopping the prize money counter from my Bandcamp sales, as I’m in a rather tight spot in regards to my car, and I need every bit of money I can get to fix it. Definitely going to keep adding money for likes, though. Also, I’m extending the deadline of the contest! I figured people might be in the same situation as me, needing a bit of extra time to finish up final exams and such for school. If you’re not a student, well, hey, extra time for you!

Extra Prize Money Counter (as of April 22): +$50

First place:

  • A spot on an upcoming Flexstyle album
  • $50 to spend in the Image-Line Online Store
  • 1-year Soundcloud Pro subscription, worth approximately $250 USD


  • $50 to spend in the Image-Line Online Store
  • Placement as a bonus track on said Flexstyle album
  • 1-year Soundcloud Lite subscription, worth approximately $40 USD


  • Contest deadline is July 14, 2012, at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Winners will be announced within a week of the deadline.
  • Prizes will be provided within 60 days of announcing the winners.
  • Loops are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licensing.
  • By entering a remix, you (the remixer) officially release me (Flexstyle) from any liability stemming from unlicensed samples. In other words, don’t sample copyrighted works without proper licensing, because it’s your butt that’s gonna get sued if something isn’t right.
  • I have the right to use any remix submitted for any purpose I wish, and I do not have to notify you of that use.
  • Remixes must be 320 KBPS MP3, submitted to me via my SoundCloud Dropbox. Make sure I can download anything you send!
  • You may submit multiple remixes.
  • Collaboration is allowed, but artists involved with this practice will need to discuss among themselves how to split the prizes.
  • By submitting a remix, you signify that you’re either a legal adult in your place of residence, or that a legal guardian accepts responsibility for your submission.
  • I have the right to change anything having to do with this contest at any time without giving notice.
  • You can submit a dubstep remix if you like, but I’m VERY PICKY with that genre. You’ll have to REALLY impress me if you go that route, and I’m not wowed by “OMG FILTHY BASSLINE!” Just so you know. I am, however, very partial to drum’n’bass, downtempo, and super-epic trance.


Okay, got that? Good! Download the loop package: