UPDATE on October 31, 2014: The contest will be EXTENDED for two weeks. The new deadline is now November 16, 2014, at 11:59 PST.


Greetings one and all, and welcome to the 2014 edition of a Flexstyle Remix Contest! I’m (FINALLY) about to release a new original album, and I need some schweet remixes for it to be up to my usual release standards. Here’s what you need to know:


This song is called “Oasis,” and if you’ve been following the Electro Freaks at all, you may recognize it. This song first appeared on their Electro Freaks Present: Volume 5 compilation, and I’m going ahead and releasing it on this album as well. It’s a solid, hard-hitting trance original with ethereal vocals throughout the entire thing, done by my good friend Lana.



I’ve had great luck with sponsors for my past remix competitions, and this one is no different. This time around, I’m sponsored by Impact Soundworks, who have kindly donated two of their best Kontakt libraries as prizes.

First Place

The first place winner of this contest will receive Juggernaut: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools, ISW’s premier collection of electronic hard-hitting goodness. This Native Instruments Kontakt 5 library is fully compatible with the freeware Kontakt Player, so don’t worry if you don’t already own Kontakt. The value of this prize is $149 USD. I will also send download codes for my entire discography on Bandcamp to the first-place winner, including (of course) the new album as soon as it’s released. This remix will be featured on my upcoming album.


Second Place

The runner-up in this contest will receive a copy of Impact Soundworks’ Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design library, valued at $139 USD. Please be aware that┬áthis library DOES require the full version of Kontakt 5. The runner-up will also receive download codes for my entire discography on Bandcamp. This remix will be featured on my upcoming album



Third Place

The third-place finisher in this contest will receive download codes for my entire discography on Bandcamp. This remix may be featured on my upcoming album.


  • You may download the provided stems for use in this remix contest and for any not-for-profit work.
  • I own all submitted remixes, and may use any and all submitted remixes for my own purposes.
  • By default, you may upload and distribute the remix anywhere you wish, as long as you are not receiving any sort of monetary compensation (including ad money). If you wish to profit from your remix of my song, please contact me–I’m sure we can figure something out easily.
  • The winner(s) will receive their prizes within thirty days of contest results being announced here on
  • You are responsible for any sample clearance. Basically, don’t sample someone else’s song unless you got permission for it. Any repercussions for unlicensed samples will fall upon you.
  • Send all remixes to You MUST send a link to a .wav file, minimum of 16-bit / 44.1 KHz. I will not accept any remixes that do not adhere to these criteria.
  • Contest runs from September 13 through November 16, 2014.
  • By downloading the remix sample pack, you agree to adhere to these rules.



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