Oasis Remix Contest – WINNERS!

Before we begin, I want to say first that I hope there’s no misconceptions: I judged this remix contest based on my own personal criteria, and based on what I want to hear on my upcoming album. However, to avoid personal biases, I asked a couple colleagues–one fellow music producer, and one fellow electronic music hyper-enthusiast–to listen through my top five tracks, and they independently confirmed that my choices were the correct ones, even before I’d shared my thoughts on the entries with them myself.


I’ll be posting links to the placing songs here soon, but I have to get some small edits from each of the producers before I do this. However, I figured there’s no point in holding up the results announcement.┬áSpecial thanks to everyone who sent in their remixes for my contest. I’m grateful to every one of you who took the time to do this. However, I have to choose winners somewhere, so here we go:


Honorable Mention:

I have to shout out to DinoKid, Detective Tuesday, Wiley Koyote, Mr. Le, MFN, and HoBoKa, who, although they didn’t place, sent me takes that were both quite enjoyable to hear and very creative. The entries from these gentlemen had some flaws that ultimately led me to avoid placing them in the top three, but nevertheless I was happy to hear takes that were clearly deliberate shots at making something interesting, different, and enjoyable. Guys, message me, and I’d be happy to hook you up with a download of one of my albums of your choice.


Third Place

In third place, I decided to go with Refractor. His psytrance-influenced take on Oasis was energetic throughout, and I especially liked how he processed the vocals throughout the song. Keeping everything gated seemed to really make the song flow nicely, and the processing done to my main melody was ace. Nice work! Refractor will receive download codes for all of my albums on Bandcamp.


Second Place

In second place, I chose Nutritious’s take on Oasis. He took the route of slowing the song down to a slower tempo, doing some really creative work with the melody and re-creating everything with his own interpretation and synthesizers, and he even took the vocals and re-pitched them to create harmonies! That fun bass buildup towards the middle of the song was stellar, too. Nutritious will receive my entire discography, as well as Impact Soundworks’ excellent Celestia bank for Kontakt.



There can only be one, and in this case I chose KingTiger. He took the original song and really gave it personality far beyond what it originally had. His is much more of a classic trance number, a la oldschool Ferry Corsten, etc., and that really struck a chord with me. I loved the way he used elements from the remix package, yet didn’t rely on them too heavily, as well as introduced plenty of new counter-melodies and atmospheric elements. KingTiger pretty much nailed everything I wanted to see from this remix contest, and I’m proud to give him the grand prize. KingTiger wins Juggernaut, by Impact Soundworks, as well as my entire discography.

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