Elements of Creation

Elements of Creation attempts to retell the story of the creation of the world, as documented in Genesis, in musical form.  Each song represents a day of Creation.  This album may be downloaded for free (click here) as a low-res MP3 album.  If you wish to have a higher quality listening experience, please visit my Bandcamp page, where it is available in several formats for $3 USD.


1. The Void [pre-Creation]

2. Birth of Time (with Fighting for Last) [day and night]

3. Solar Serenade [creation of the sun and celestial bodies]

4. Expanse [separation of the waters]

5. Terra Firma [dry land]

6. Foliage Collective [plants]

7. Wings [birds and insects]

8. Imago Deo [creation of man]

9. Day of Rest [rest]

10. Time Reconnected (with Fighting for Last) [reflection on Creation]

11. Emmanuel (Bells Ring Again) [Bonus]

12. Warfare [Bonus]