A Sense of Urgency 2009

My “true” second released album is entitled A Sense of Urgency 2009.  It’s actually a redoing of my “first” album, also titled “A Sense of Urgency,” but this version is updated, completed, and fully presentable.  It also includes a few extra songs that weren’t even on the original release.  It may be purchased for $4 at my Bandcamp page.


1. Walk of Life

2. Liquid

3. Resonate

4. Silent Happiness (feat. NOZER)

5. Faithful 2009

6. A Sense of Urgency

7. Murder Instinct

8. Heartfelt 2009

9. Spectrum

10. Chrysalis

11. Chain Reaction

12. A Sense of Urgency (Wubbadubby Redux)

13. Spectrum (Non-Stop Elevator Remix by NOZER)

There are also a few surprise bonus tracks on the download of the album, too!