Contest deadline EXTENDED

Hey everyone, quick announcement: I’m extending the deadline of my Frostbite contest for about another month or so. Why, you ask? Simply put, I don’t have the ability to give away the cash prize that I said I would right away–the Soundcloud prize, of course, is available whenever I call on it, but I want to make sure that I’m financially able to give the winner (whoever it ends up being) the Image-Line Virtual Cash prize as soon as I can. ¬†Also, I haven’t yet heard any remixes that truly blow me out of the water. I’ve heard some very solid ones, to be sure, but I’d love to let this thing sit a while longer and see what else people can come up with.


Can’t wait to see this thing through!



EDIT: Extending ONE LAST TIME because of circumstances, and now the FINAL DEADLINE is on July 14, 2012. Last extension. Hopefully. Probably.

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