Weird Al – White ‘N’ Nerdy – Nearly 12,000 plays?! Also: NEWS!

I have no idea how this happened, but as I write this, my Weird Al remix has gotten nearly 12,000 plays on Soundcloud. This is crazy, but I’m quite pleased! If anyone knows where all these random plays came from, PLEASE tell me! I’m averaging about 700 plays or so per week at this point, and it’s staying steady. I’m kinda blown away, to be honest. If you’ve somehow missed it, here it is:

Weird Al – White and Nerdy (Flexstyle Dubstep Remix) by Flexstyle

Now, you may also want a download of it, and since I’m too cheap to pay for a more full-featured version of SoundCloud (for now, unless anyone cares to donate? as if….), I’ve run out of downloads on that site. Never fear! If you right-click this link right here, hit “save as” or “save link as” or something along those lines, you too can have an unholy slice of remixed Weird Al dubstep goodness!


“That’s great,” you may say, “but what about NEW music?”  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time for that lately. I’m working full-time over the summer, and any spare music-making time I have is usually devoted to remix projects and commissioned work for some independent video game stuff. That’s right, I am indeed working on some game music and sound effects these days! Living the dream, that’s me. Seriously, I’d love to make music for video games on a full-time basis someday, and I’m happy to get started even with the small amount I’m doing right now.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear some new remixes from me soon when I’m at liberty to share ’em. I’ve got a remix I did for SGX in the pipeline, just waiting for his green light, and there’s this little project called “Double the Trouble,” aka the single biggest remix project every undertaken at OCRemix, that I’m doing all the mastering and gapless playback work for, as well as contributing something close to 10 remixes myself. Ouch.


All that to say that I’m an extremely busy fellow, but not to worry–you’ll be hearing from me as soon as I’ve got new music ready to showcase. Count on it!


Until next time!

Essence of Lime – a Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages remix album

I recently had the privilege of contributing two tracks to this unofficial but still very OCRemix-related album. It’s a two-disc digital release, remixing most of the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages soundtrack. Both of my tracks are on the second disc, but download the entire thing and see what you think! There’s a lot of great music here to be had, so enjoy!

Essence of Lime