Oasis Remix Contest – WINNERS!

Before we begin, I want to say first that I hope there’s no misconceptions: I judged this remix contest based on my own personal criteria, and based on what I want to hear on my upcoming album. However, to avoid personal biases, I asked a couple colleagues–one fellow music producer, and one fellow electronic music hyper-enthusiast–to listen through my top five tracks, and they independently confirmed that my choices were the correct ones, even before I’d shared my thoughts on the entries with them myself.


I’ll be posting links to the placing songs here soon, but I have to get some small edits from each of the producers before I do this. However, I figured there’s no point in holding up the results announcement. Special thanks to everyone who sent in their remixes for my contest. I’m grateful to every one of you who took the time to do this. However, I have to choose winners somewhere, so here we go:


Honorable Mention:

I have to shout out to DinoKid, Detective Tuesday, Wiley Koyote, Mr. Le, MFN, and HoBoKa, who, although they didn’t place, sent me takes that were both quite enjoyable to hear and very creative. The entries from these gentlemen had some flaws that ultimately led me to avoid placing them in the top three, but nevertheless I was happy to hear takes that were clearly deliberate shots at making something interesting, different, and enjoyable. Guys, message me, and I’d be happy to hook you up with a download of one of my albums of your choice.


Third Place

In third place, I decided to go with Refractor. His psytrance-influenced take on Oasis was energetic throughout, and I especially liked how he processed the vocals throughout the song. Keeping everything gated seemed to really make the song flow nicely, and the processing done to my main melody was ace. Nice work! Refractor will receive download codes for all of my albums on Bandcamp.


Second Place

In second place, I chose Nutritious’s take on Oasis. He took the route of slowing the song down to a slower tempo, doing some really creative work with the melody and re-creating everything with his own interpretation and synthesizers, and he even took the vocals and re-pitched them to create harmonies! That fun bass buildup towards the middle of the song was stellar, too. Nutritious will receive my entire discography, as well as Impact Soundworks’ excellent Celestia bank for Kontakt.



There can only be one, and in this case I chose KingTiger. He took the original song and really gave it personality far beyond what it originally had. His is much more of a classic trance number, a la oldschool Ferry Corsten, etc., and that really struck a chord with me. I loved the way he used elements from the remix package, yet didn’t rely on them too heavily, as well as introduced plenty of new counter-melodies and atmospheric elements. KingTiger pretty much nailed everything I wanted to see from this remix contest, and I’m proud to give him the grand prize. KingTiger wins Juggernaut, by Impact Soundworks, as well as my entire discography.

Saboten Con 2014

I’ll be making my first appearance at local anime festival Saboten Con this year. I’ve had the pleasure of appearing at Kikori Con (Flagstaff, AZ) and Con-Nichiwa (Tucson, AZ) within the last year–not to mention MAGFest 2014 and the Reno GAME Expo 2014–so I’m looking forward to playing at a con in my hometown of Glendale!


For those of you just joining us from Saboten, here’s a set on my Soundcloud with a few of my past gigs!

Links to every entry in the Frostbite contest

Since a few people have asked, here are the links to every entry I received via Soundcloud (in no particular order):

HoboKa: entry 1, entry 2

Zerothemaster: entry 1, entry 2, entry 3

Agent_DJ: entry 1, entry 2

 Dino Kid






The Canzirri Project



Digi Dakota


Mosh Pit Lazer


If your remix wasn’t linked here, and it is actually publicly available on Soundcloud, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list!

Frostbite Contest Results

Well, the time has come to announce winners for the Frostbite contest I announced way back in…well, whenever it was. I was in school at the time and my mind was fried–I’m surprised I managed to write a coherent blog post for the contest announcement. Several delays later, here we are!


Before I go any further, I’d just like to say how grateful I am to everyone who entered. You guys are the reason this was possible at all. However, there can only be one grand prize winner, and that goes to….

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

halc. His mix was in a class of its own, compared to every other entry, and I’m glad to award him the grand prize of a Soundcloud Pro account (provided by Soundcloud), and $50 Image-Line Virtual Cash.


The second-place track took me a little longer to decide upon than the grand prize winner, because there were a few that I really thought could take this spot. In the end though, I decided to take the one that I thought exhibited the most originality and the highest production values–something that would fit best as a bonus track on my upcoming album–and I chose the mix submitted by aidanbk on Soundcloud. Congratulations, Aidan! He will receive a Soundcloud Lite account (again, provided by Soundcloud) and $50 Image-Line Virtual Cash.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Winners, PLEASE get me a couple of .wav files as soon as you can: one of your master, one unmastered (no master compression, 6db of headroom in the mix, all that sort of thing). I’ll be contacting you on Soundcloud soon, too.


Also, I just want to mention a couple other names whose remixes I especially enjoyed, too. I’d like to shout out to HoboKa, Niuby, Mosh Pit Lazer, and The Canzirri Project. Each one of your takes had something quite worthwhile about it, whether it was off-the-wall creativity, a solid groove, or a slamming soundscape.


If you didn’t place, or weren’t mentioned here, and you’d like to know why, just message me on Soundcloud and we can start a dialogue. My policy is to never give feedback on an entry track while the contest is still running, but now that it’s over, I’d be happy to help you if you feel like you’re confused about why I didn’t select your mix (or if you’d just like some production advice in general).


Thanks for entering, everyone, and I hope you’ll stick around for when the remix album drops late this year, Lord willing!

Contest deadline EXTENDED

Hey everyone, quick announcement: I’m extending the deadline of my Frostbite contest for about another month or so. Why, you ask? Simply put, I don’t have the ability to give away the cash prize that I said I would right away–the Soundcloud prize, of course, is available whenever I call on it, but I want to make sure that I’m financially able to give the winner (whoever it ends up being) the Image-Line Virtual Cash prize as soon as I can.  Also, I haven’t yet heard any remixes that truly blow me out of the water. I’ve heard some very solid ones, to be sure, but I’d love to let this thing sit a while longer and see what else people can come up with.


Can’t wait to see this thing through!



EDIT: Extending ONE LAST TIME because of circumstances, and now the FINAL DEADLINE is on July 14, 2012. Last extension. Hopefully. Probably.

Remix Contest – Frostbite


Oh snap. It’s another remix contest! This time, you’ll be remixing my song Frostbite from my Eye of the Storm album, released back in 2011. However, not only will you be getting the material from that original song, but you’ll also get to use material from my brand-new self-remix of Frostbite. Hopefully, this leads to a lot of variety in terms of what you can do with the song.

Here are the songs in question:

Last contest I had, PrototypeRaptor took home the gold prize, and has since gone on to charting on Beatport, becoming the top track on the Hype Machine a couple times, and remixing big name artists like Lucky Date and Camo and Krooked, as well as being signed to a major label or two! If this is the caliber of contestant I get this time, I expect some seriously killer remixes. Bring your A-game, because I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!



Here’s the deal. I’m a poor college student by day, and this means that I’ve got very little money with which to purchase prizes. However, I pledge that every single bit of money I make off of sales from my albums on Bandcamp between now and the contest deadline will be put toward this cause. Additionally, for every 5 extra likes I receive in that same time fram on my Facebook page, I’ll add an extra dollar’s worth of material (starting at 317 likes, and up to $150 worth of extra money). Stay tuned to this space for more details as they come!

UPDATE on March 15, 2012: The gracious folks over at Soundcloud.com have agreed to donate a Pro account and a Lite account (one year each) to the winner and runner-up, respectively. Thanks, Soundcloud!

UPDATE on April 22, 2012: I’m stopping the prize money counter from my Bandcamp sales, as I’m in a rather tight spot in regards to my car, and I need every bit of money I can get to fix it. Definitely going to keep adding money for likes, though. Also, I’m extending the deadline of the contest! I figured people might be in the same situation as me, needing a bit of extra time to finish up final exams and such for school. If you’re not a student, well, hey, extra time for you!

Extra Prize Money Counter (as of April 22): +$50

First place:

  • A spot on an upcoming Flexstyle album
  • $50 to spend in the Image-Line Online Store
  • 1-year Soundcloud Pro subscription, worth approximately $250 USD


  • $50 to spend in the Image-Line Online Store
  • Placement as a bonus track on said Flexstyle album
  • 1-year Soundcloud Lite subscription, worth approximately $40 USD


  • Contest deadline is July 14, 2012, at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Winners will be announced within a week of the deadline.
  • Prizes will be provided within 60 days of announcing the winners.
  • Loops are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licensing.
  • By entering a remix, you (the remixer) officially release me (Flexstyle) from any liability stemming from unlicensed samples. In other words, don’t sample copyrighted works without proper licensing, because it’s your butt that’s gonna get sued if something isn’t right.
  • I have the right to use any remix submitted for any purpose I wish, and I do not have to notify you of that use.
  • Remixes must be 320 KBPS MP3, submitted to me via my SoundCloud Dropbox. Make sure I can download anything you send!
  • You may submit multiple remixes.
  • Collaboration is allowed, but artists involved with this practice will need to discuss among themselves how to split the prizes.
  • By submitting a remix, you signify that you’re either a legal adult in your place of residence, or that a legal guardian accepts responsibility for your submission.
  • I have the right to change anything having to do with this contest at any time without giving notice.
  • You can submit a dubstep remix if you like, but I’m VERY PICKY with that genre. You’ll have to REALLY impress me if you go that route, and I’m not wowed by “OMG FILTHY BASSLINE!” Just so you know. I am, however, very partial to drum’n’bass, downtempo, and super-epic trance.


Okay, got that? Good! Download the loop package:



You’ve Got A Secret Bonus Point

Recently, I had an opportunity to contribute to a Dynamite Headdy remix album project. While I’d never played the game, I did have a fantastically fun time remixing the main theme of a prominent boss, Maruyama, and this is what came out:
Dynamite Headdy – Hustle Maruyama – “Trouble Brewin'” by Flexstyle
The entire album may be downloaded over at http://dhsbp.kngi.org/ for, of course, the low-and-entirely-reasonable price of FREE!

I’ll have more music soon, but you can usually stay updated at my Facebook page (link in sidebar) or on my Soundcloud.

Until next time!

Weird Al – White ‘N’ Nerdy – Nearly 12,000 plays?! Also: NEWS!

I have no idea how this happened, but as I write this, my Weird Al remix has gotten nearly 12,000 plays on Soundcloud. This is crazy, but I’m quite pleased! If anyone knows where all these random plays came from, PLEASE tell me! I’m averaging about 700 plays or so per week at this point, and it’s staying steady. I’m kinda blown away, to be honest. If you’ve somehow missed it, here it is:

Weird Al – White and Nerdy (Flexstyle Dubstep Remix) by Flexstyle

Now, you may also want a download of it, and since I’m too cheap to pay for a more full-featured version of SoundCloud (for now, unless anyone cares to donate? as if….), I’ve run out of downloads on that site. Never fear! If you right-click this link right here, hit “save as” or “save link as” or something along those lines, you too can have an unholy slice of remixed Weird Al dubstep goodness!


“That’s great,” you may say, “but what about NEW music?”  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time for that lately. I’m working full-time over the summer, and any spare music-making time I have is usually devoted to remix projects and commissioned work for some independent video game stuff. That’s right, I am indeed working on some game music and sound effects these days! Living the dream, that’s me. Seriously, I’d love to make music for video games on a full-time basis someday, and I’m happy to get started even with the small amount I’m doing right now.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear some new remixes from me soon when I’m at liberty to share ’em. I’ve got a remix I did for SGX in the pipeline, just waiting for his green light, and there’s this little project called “Double the Trouble,” aka the single biggest remix project every undertaken at OCRemix, that I’m doing all the mastering and gapless playback work for, as well as contributing something close to 10 remixes myself. Ouch.


All that to say that I’m an extremely busy fellow, but not to worry–you’ll be hearing from me as soon as I’ve got new music ready to showcase. Count on it!


Until next time!